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On November 23rd, 1998 a team of show and go formally known as Incursion Auto Concept began with only 15 members. After 3/4 of the team fell apart, 5 of the original members kept it alive, and at the same time a new chapter was made, Northern Nevada. The team is now known as Team Incursion divided into two chapters, Northern California and Northern Nevada.

Team Incursion has been featured in several magazine spreads and in a TV commercial ad. As part of our sponsorship with Project RIDE, who are activist in the fight against tobacco within young communities and in the import scene; the team and their vehicles were featured in a TV commercial and full single page ad for Super Street magazine.

Additional magazines the team were in are DUB, Modified MAG and Hot Compact & Imports.

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Are you interested to join Team Incursion and be a part of our show, track or autocross division? If so, submit your information in the contact us section below and a team representative will be in contact with you. The selection process for new team members are determined on their personality more so than their vehicle. When joining the Team Incursion crew, we consider all members as family and support each other.


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Team District 10Team District 10 goals and primary focus are representing in all elements of a car enthusiast lifestyle while still having fun.

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MECA CaliforniaMECA California brings car audio enthusiast together to compete for the best in SPL (Sound Pressure Level) and SQL (Sound Quality Level).

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Provide your information below if you have any questions and a representative will be in contact with you. Or if you are interested to join Team Incursion, provide a detail list of your vehicle, modifications, and attach a photo. View photo submission example.